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Carnivorous Plants

Welcome to the Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia, the Internet Home for CPWA Information. This site serves as the hub for the interested in sharing knowledge about CPs. It provides online news, articles and plant information, along with interactive discussion forums and author bio information.

Feel free to browse the site and explore.

CP of WA Seasonal Chart

    Many thanks to Robert Gibson and Phill Mann for providing this Carnivorous Plant Chart showing the seasonal growth patterns of the Western Australian species. Click HERE to view the Chart. (Click for more)

Laterite and General Notes on the Soil

The southwest of Western Australia is world famous for its wealth of endemic plant species, including an abundance of carnivorous plants. (Click for more)

World's Largest Drosera

In September of 1999 whilst showing the world renown Drosera expert Robert Gibson and keen CP photographer Tuan Nguyen, (Click for more)

Carnivorous Plant Encounter, Walpole, WA

In late December 1996 I spent 3 days travelling around the south coast of Western Australia, observing 15 species of carnivorous plants in the wild whilst bushwalking. (Click for more)

Carnivorous Plants near Mt. Lesueur, WA

On the weekend of September 16 and 17, 1995, I had the pleasure in participating in a vegetation survey on a farm near Mt. Lesueur, approximately 250 km north of Perth (Click for more)

Carnivorous Plants around Harvey, WA

In September, 1995, I visited Phill Mann and spent an afternoon looking for sundews in the hills east of Harvey. (Click for more)

A Field Trip to Albany

A Field Trip to Albany, and Environs, Western Australia (Click for more)

Cultivating Pygmy Drosera

Information on Cultivating Western Australia's Pygmy Droseras. (Click for more)

The Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia Website would like to extend a special note of thanks to Kris Kopicki and the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, http://www.acps.org.au, for allowing us to use the Drosera callistos flower image as our Logo. Thanks.

The Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia Website would like to say thank you to Robert Gibson and Mark Stuart, for the loan of some of their photos. Thanks.

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