World's Largest Drosera

The world’s largest Drosera
CPN Volume 30, No 3, 79

In September of 1999 whilst showing the world renown Drosera expert Robert Gibson and keen CP photographer Tuan Nguyen, through some selected sites of the South Coast of Western Australia, we came across a plant of Drosera erythrogyna growing up the burnt remains of a Banksia quercifolia. A fire had burnt this Cephalotus swamp the previous year leaving only the dead trees standing. Taking the opportunity of the very open growth for a change, this plant of Drosera erythrogyna had climbed to a height of over 10 feet (3.1m). The single stem had branched about twelve times and we estimated that there were over 1,000 leaves and 400 flowers on this plant.

Below is a photograph of this plant with Robert Gibson indicating the height.